At 2,035 metres above sea level, Sestriere is the highest town in Italy. It is located on Mount Sestriere, between the Chisone and Susa valleys, approximately 60 miles from the city of Turin, and 20 miles from the French border at Montgenèvre, to which it is connected by the ski lifts and ski slopes. The town is overlooked to the north-west by Mount Fraiteve (2701m), and to the south-east by Mount Sises (2658m), as well as by Punta Rognosa di Sestriere (3280m) and Mount Motta (2850m).


A historic destination for the World Championships and Olympics, Sestriere is a paradise for winter sports lovers. It boasts more than 400 km (250 miles) of slopes, connected by around 80 ski lifts, satisfying all ski and snowboarding skill levels. Sestriere is also the ideal destination to immerse yourself in nature, with splendid routes for ski mountaineering, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. A snow park, ice-skating rink, swimming pool and sports centre, as well as snowmobile and sled-dog and heli-skiing activities and facilities, complete the station’s offer of sports and entertainment.


In summer, the mountains offer a whole host of emotions, with a unique atmosphere offering complete freedom to explore wonderful open spaces. The slopes, which in winter are perfectly covered with snow, become a magnificent theatre for guided excursions, mountain biking and horseback riding, immersed in a truly extraordinary landscape. In addition, the PAR 65 18-hole golf course, sports centre with athletics track and two football fields, swimming pool, and downhill track make Sestriere one of the top destinations for summer sports and outdoor activities.

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